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so today started well. isn't ending well. as usual. woke up at 7am and went to classes and then stopped by A&F bc i just got a job there and had to pick some things up. then went to the gym. treadmill for 40 minutes and then used the arch trainer for at least 20 minutes. then did some arm things and sit ups. burned at least 750 cals according to the cardio machines. didnt eat anything until around 2 this afternoon and i just had 1 rice cake (50cals).. then for dinner i had out 1 piece of plain chicken (120 cals) but after i ate it i wasnt satisfied and ended up binging. seems to be the usual lately. but i purged everything afterwords. so hopefully that will make up for it. down 2 lbs from last night but its prob all water weight.. any suggestions to stop the binging?

think thin ladies and stay strong. i obviously cant.
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